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11/9/2004 06:35:47 PM

Preview of the boxset at the MTV site

see also the official geffen site

10/5/2004 01:32:33 PM

The new boxset within a month?

9/7/2004 10:38:27 AM

Thanks to Brian from the Nirvana Information Archive i've got some new bootleg site's for you!

bootleg download site (login required)

download (be quick it's a tripod site)

mp3's and video's


8/13/2004 10:50:39 PM

new links

and a good news site

an old link

fanlistings seems to be hot so here's one

7/21/2004 11:09:40 PM

my old friend Weedfactory started a bittorrent Nirvana site with Nirvana lossless audio downloads and Dvd's

if you also have a bittorrent site or you are sharing some boots or vids with another program and you are online for several hours each day, pleas tell me you program and user name, and i'll put them online so other people can share with you too! mail me at


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